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Solution-Focused Coaching



We believe in Milton Erickson's Five Principles: 

1.People are okay as they are. 

2.People already have all the resources 

within them to achieve what they want. 

3.People always make the best choice.

4.Every behavior has a positive intention. 

5.Change is inevitable.

Coaching—a transformational conversation 

Coaching is a collaborative partnership between a coach and a willing individual which connects at the deep personal level of beliefs, values and vision. It enables, through a process of discovery, goal setting and specific action. It is for the realization of extraordinary results. It is based in a body of knowledge, technology, and a style of relating that focus on the development of human capacity. 

A coach is a professionally trained person where she provides coaching services through transformational conversation with clients as a trusted partner, with the ability to ask great open-ended questions to the clients and allows the clients exploring themselves to free from internal mind tangles, to focus on the positive, the present, amplifying their choices and making their inner resources available to move their life forward confidently. The transformational conversation moves you past your inner jungles into the next stage of an important life project. 

Tailored techniques and approaches



We believe everyone is unique that techniques and approaches applied are custom tailored to the clients' model of the world.

We combine the softness of delving down on the discovery of one's own true self with the ability to stretch out to reach dreamt goals. 

A coach works to: 

1. Challenge clients to systemically focus on to clarify what life goals are and identify creative ideas to go through, review aims, set directions, clarify and specify steps 

2. Sponsor clients towards the ownership of skill-sets that encourage and support them to increase creativity, productiveness and effectiveness. 

3. Inspire clients to move towards whatever makes the biggest difference to accelerate his or her development choice at the current stage career and life. 

4. Holds them accountable for their life goals and ensure them live up to their potential.

Trained Solution-Focused Coach



We are proud to announce that  coaching services we offer are bound by the Code of Ethics as outlined by International Coach Federation (ICF).

Maple Coaching Services founded in 2013 by Ida Rafiqah, MPH, ECPC. Graduated from Erickson Coaching International Voncouver, BC with over 15 years in reputation management consultancies and and has served in numbers of community development projects, corporate public relations, and international humanitarian projects both in developing as well as developed world.

Holds Gold Standard Bedge Seal for Completion of ICF approved Coaching Training materials

Holds a Certification Bedge of Erickson Professional Coach

Ida Rafiqah is a proud member of International Coach Federation (ICF)


To become the company of choice in Human Development Capacity through the application of the art and science of Solution-Focused Coaching 





We partner with our clients during the journey of self-discovery on the basis of trust, assurance of confidentiality, reliance on the integrity, strength,  that builds on confidence. 

We focus on our clients' model of the world


We build clients esteem to bring out the sense of worth and in both personal and orgnizational excellence, as they evolve to obtain manifestation of quality and capability

Reliable and Accessible

We offer freedom of access to our services any time agreed with assurance of our reliability

About Us

Organization Coaching



1. Leaders Engagement  

2. Human Capacity Development    Training, Interactive Conversations (in-house Group Coaching)  

3. Staff (Self) Review : Annual or Semi-Annual Performance Review  

4. Organizational Development/Re-Inspiration,   

5. Team and Group Programs, Workshops, Team and Group Coaching,   

6. Personal Development Training for Leaders and Managers

Life Coaching



We strive to be with our clients whenever our services are needed. Organizations consists of individuals with multiple issues faced in life. We are there to listen, to hold hands with them to draw visions, to navigate paths and to accompany along the journey of finding true-self.

Coaching in Humanitarian Services


Maple Coaching Services has expanded its Coaching services dedicated to people who provide first-hand services in the emergency natural disaster areas or in the war zone. Many of them experienced psychological and emotional turmoil while delivering assistance to the victims. We provide support for them to be able to  cope with the situation and be reliable for the onsite delivery.  A set of Coaching modules and approaches are dedicated to:

- Journalists

- NGO Leaders 

- NGO Aid Workers and Project Missions

- Post trauma Coaching for humanitarian beneficiaries

- Breakthrough Coaching for community development and entrepreneurship empowerment. 

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General Capacity Self - Review


As part of its services in Organizational Coaching, Maple Coaching has provided a program of "General Capacity Self-Review" to all local staff employed by the Embassy of Indonesia. This service has supported the Embassy of Indonesia in addressing its needs to further comprehend and explore any potential individual capacity that might be benefiting the institution to best-perform its duties as foreign government representative in Ottawa. 

- Deputy Chief of Missions -


Ottawa Muslim Women Organization (OMWO) Retreat 2018

Dear Ida,

I wish to express my sincere appreciation to you for taking the time and making the effort  to conduct a retreat for our team of Board of Directors. You opened our minds to useful concepts and helped us to think through our vision, mission, goals, leading to our plan. Your professional approach is perfectly blended with empathy and caring which made it easy for all of us to participate. We came away from the sedation  with positive attitude, motivation, and concrete thoughts. 

Thank you for your leadership that helped us tremendously. 

Sincerely, Dr. Safaa Fouda, Board of Directors, Past President - OMWO


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